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Event Management

Event Production

At Qrator every event be it a wedding, festival, party, ball, concert we manage it like a production where everything must work efficiently, on time and on budget. We work with specialist service professionals in the production of events to deliver innovative solutions that fit your requirements. We reinforce your brand and key messaging that you want to relate while maximizing the ‘Wow- factor’ for delegates/guests. For us no event is too big or too small.

  • Concept development
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Production of the event
  • Messaging
  • Clean up

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On the day management

we provide a wide range of cost-effective on the day services for events. We want to take as much hustle away from you so that you can focus on your core business. Let us worry about the details of the logistics day for you.

  • Catering
  • Pre-event and on the day registration
  • Badging solutions
  • Management and Ushering of actual delegates or guests on the day.
  • Ticketing and payments at the event
  • Check-in of delegate/ Guests
  • Management of timing programs/agendas for the day.
  • We are available to also meet the mundane requirements that our clients may have on the day.

Event Management

Post-event Surveys & Analysis

It is vital to know if your event has met its objectives in order to assess its effectiveness and plan for future events. We provide interactive On-site feedback sessions to determine your view of our performance as well as give you our view of the event. These post-event surveys are all part of the service we provide to ensure customer satisfaction. We also give you full reports of your event and how we can improve in the future as well as budget review to ensure you get value for money.

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Qrator in-house marketing team is experienced at generating interest to a targeted audience and making sure your event proposition matches the audience needs. We know every event has a purpose and message and our aim is to ensure that the audience gets that message while enjoying the activities. Clients also benefit from access to our own extensive in-house database of relevant  event-participants. We provide:

  • Ideas
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Media productions
  • Content
  • Brochures
  • Event websites
  • Visual aids

Event Management

Hiring services

Qrator offers the hire of various requirements of any type of event from a gala dinner to a cozy home soirée:

  • Venues
  • Multimedia (Lighting, IT and Audio-Visual equipment)
  • Equipment (tents, tables, crookery etc.)
  • Rent a crowd
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Specialist Vehicles
  • Décor
  • Stage design and set-up
  • Backup power solution
  • Connectivity equipment (WIFI, Cell on wheels, Video Conferencing)
  • Special FX (Smoke, Laser, Haze, Pyron Effects)
  • Draping and Furniture

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We provide conferencing services be it for a summit, conference, board meetings, strategy session, team retreats. We have a vast database of service providers who provide all the requirements to ensure that your conference goes as planned. We work with specialist service professionals in the production of events to deliver innovative solutions that fit your requirements. We provide a variety of services but not limited to:

  • Grand venues
  • Exquisite catering service
  • Guest accommodation
  • Multimedia and connectivity
  • Planning and management
  • Compressive registration
  • On the day management
  • Marketing

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Personal Concierge Services

Qrator Your Personal Assistant

Concierge service for us means taking the hustle out of your busy hands. Most executives have extremely bust schedules and little time to search for the things they want or desire. We know that most execs have PA’s but their focus is on their professional responsibilities.

At Qrator we provide Exec Assistant services (if you are a professional and don’t want the hustle of trial and error of looking for specialised products or services that’s our forte.

  • Management of high end Family office.
  • Planning Holiday Experiences (Individual/Groups + Family)
  • Procuring + Sourcing specialised products or services, whatever you need we will find it for you.
  • Art
  • Collectors items
  • Holiday experiences
  • Limited editions of any product
  • Limo, Private jet or Yacht
  • Parties
  • Tours

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Our experienced procurement team ensures that we can acquire what our clients need at the right price, time and best terms. We have a large database of suppliers of various products and services which give us an edge in the procurement of services giving our clients value for money. We also pride ourselves in sourcing products, services or access opportunities not readily available at the right price.

Be it a product, service, professional, rare opportunity or an experience that is out of reach our team aims to do the impossible to put a smile on our client’s face. We believe impossible is nothing at the right price. Should you be a company needing catering, sound, venues, entertainment, head hunting a professional or an individual needing unavailable tickets, holiday, concert, collectors’ item, private jet Qrator procurement is for you. “If you really want it, we will get it for you at the right price.”

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Qrator Getaways

We have great relationships with a vast database of holiday destinations that our clients can experience. Whatever you may want to experience from extreme outdoors, beach, vineyards, watersports, equestrian vacays, romantic getaways.

We can curate an experience that ensures that you don’t just go to a destination but have the pleasure of what’s available based on your time and budget. Our Vacays are experiences you will remember.

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Tours & Safari

Qrator offers a variety of tours for families, groups, Organisations. Whether you want to go on a shopping expedition or safari. We cater for Personalised tours for your group whether it’s a family, affinity group, company, teams or just friends going traveling together. Our tours create memorable experiences while meeting the intended goal of he tour.

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